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Melissa McNeely
Owner & Instructor


Melissa has been pole dancing for over 15 years and has a passion and energy that no one can rival!

As a former professional soccer player in Milan, Melissa has been submerged in fitness and athletics her entire life. After a knee injury that took her away from soccer for almost a year, she came upon the wonderful world of pole fitness and has never looked back.

Her experience as a professional athlete only compliments her pole dancing skills, and is happily living her dream as the owner and lead instructor of Providence Pole Fitness. 

In November 2017, Melissa competed at PSO Northeast in the Level 4 Exotic Sr. category and placed 4th. 

Priscilla Minx
Manager & Instructor
Priscilla has 10 years of pole dance experience, and a lifetime as an athlete and performer.
Upon graduating college, she moved to NYC to work for a television production company. This is where her passion for pole dance was ignited and she began to train seriously in pole fitness.
Since then, she has spent her years performing in variety and Burlesque  shows across New England, while teaching and continuing to train right here in Rhode Island. 
In November 2017 she competed at PSO Northeast in the Level 4 Exotic Jr. category and placed 2nd.
Priscilla has recently been accepted to compete in NYC at the USPDF Championships, April 13th 2019 in the Novice Sexy Level 2 category (and she is very excited)!
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